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Selling Online will be the topic for our next Network Meeting which takes place on the 17th of May.

So, if you sell online or plan to do so, then this is the meeting for you.

There will be a keynote presentation from Joe Glennon ( about selling online with local online businesses also sharing their experience.

Joe Glennon is co-founder of which was founded to provide GAA fans with a stylish range of jewellery to support their favourite county. They initially launched their county colour costume bracelet to 3 counties, Dublin, Cork and Galway to test the market on July 5th of last year using Shopify. After receiving a huge response and selling out of them in under 2 weeks they began to roll out all counties and added a county colour choker necklace.

Those first few months saw our online store achieve sales of approximately 10k. Not bad for €9 bracelets! Since then, they have focused a lot of time sourcing alternative ideas and products culminating in the very recent launch of their sterling silver collection of pendants and bracelets. “Our aim is to develop a brand story and community around jewellery inspired by county colours that sells on a more constant basis all year round as opposed to just during ‘Championship Fever’ and Christmas”.

Joe also works with an online furniture brand called Elegant Oak where he handles all their e-commerce activity in the UK. They use a multi-channel approach selling on platforms such as Wayfair, Ebay UK, Amazon UK and their own website. This brand is a little over a year selling direct to the customer online but in that time has added significant additional revenue to their business.