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The October Network Meeting will take place on Tuesday 7th at 6.30pm in The Hive.

Keynote: Human Software Engineering with Rosemarie Mason

Guest speaker Rosemarie Mason, Human Software Engineer will guide you through some Emotional Mastery techniques and share with you the knowledge she has gained through training with Tom Stone.

Rosemarie Mason is a partner in Outside Thinking, a holistic business whose aim is to empower the individual. Rosemarie herself is a HANDLE (Holistic Approach to NeuroDevelopment and Learning Efficiency) Practitioner and Instructor, Human Software Engineer, Listening Program Provider and Matrix Energetics Practitioner in Training. She holds a Bsc degree in accounting. Her ongoing journey in personal development has led her recent work with Regeneration Healing, Bio-Resonance and Bio-Feedback.

What is Human Software Engineering?


Human Software Engineering is an emerging field which is aware that the body and everything in it functions using patterns of energy and information.

 As an analogy with computers, the software controls the hardware or output. With humans it is the same. Our inner human software comprised of our thoughts, emotions, conditioning, traumas, identifications, intentions, etc. determines what we do – our output. When we are not getting the output we want, such as optimal health and freedom, Human Software Engineering looks to find the “bugs” in the inner human software that are sabotaging the desired output.
Everyone wants more out of life. But so often we can feel held back, and can’t really seem to figure it out! It can be frustrating and discouraging. We want to make progress in our business, our career, our relationships, but it is as if some invisible resistance just seems to be keeping us from having the life we really want. We all know this feeling all too well. It comes from having conflicts inside of us between what we are inspired to do and all of the inner self-sabotaging, negative mind-talk that keeps us stuck as if in a squirrel cage, spinning our wheels. Well, we’ve got some good news…Now there’s a way out of the cage!