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‘Beliefs in your Business’ with Lee Tunney-Ware

Thursday 5th September | 7pm to 9pm

The Hive, Carrick on Shannon | Adm.: FREE

Lee Tunney-Ware is a visionary, an innovator, a gifted conceptual thinker and an experienced entrepreneur.

We have a very special event for our 3rd Network Meeting of 2019.

A masterclass in the power of beliefs and how they can shape your success with Lee Tuney-Ware.

Your beliefs are the governing factor that will determine your reality. Beliefs are your truth, they are not the truth.

Imagine a world beyond the threshold of your beliefs, whereby you stood on a firm foundation, with no restriction to accomplish success beyond your own limits. Whether it be in business or your life in general. Beliefs are the restrictions we impose upon ourselves, they affect our self-image, self-judgement and self-value. They affect every decision, every judgement and every outcome.

A life beyond the master of belief is the right of every human being because that is where true freedom and success are found. Your success in life and business is determined within the limits of your beliefs within the freedom of truth!

We expect a larger than normal attendance at this event so please, only register if you are going to attend.


Lee Tunney-Ware is a visionary, an innovator, a gifted conceptual thinker and an experienced entrepreneur.

Lee has a track record for successful business management and growth, problem-solving, sales and marketing. He also has specialist expertise in corporate team building programs and personal development designed to help people achieve their full potential.

Lee has over 25 years’ experience as a psychotherapist, stress management counsellor, hypnotherapist and hypnotherapist. Lee is a highly regarded transformational coach to entrepreneurial individuals, CEO’s and teams.

He is an internationally published author and respected community leader committed to growing regional tourism and strong healthy communities.

Lee is also an effective transformational speaker with a proven ability to move audiences and easily inspire change. Lee works with business owners, entrepreneur’s, CEO’s for them to transform their future, recognize and reach their full potential in both their business and personal lives.